orsola bertini curri

My name is Orsola, I am italian but I live in Austria.

My German is still not very fluent in writing, so I decided to write in English that, I guess, more Austrian and German people will understand better than italian.

After many years in fashion, living abroad as International Sales Manager, since 2016 I am a fashion agent (@lovestoriesintimates) & a knitwear designer (@knittedlove_official) based in Kärnten. 
Since long I wanted to open a store but I couldn’t see myself all day long inside the same location, in the same city, with fixed timings...
The result of my passions for Freedom+Travels+Fashion is...

THE LOVESTER, a Pink Mobile Boutique on 4 wheels!

carolina santana

REFRESH COUTURE LAB is a project signed together with the Venezuelan Graphic Designer Carolina Santana. Born, raised and studied in Caracas, her new center of life is Klagenfurt since 1996.

Her main characteristics are intuition for Functionality, Joy in dealing with different materials, interest in Design, Fashion & Architecture.